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Sketchfab recently held the Sketchfast 4 competition. We hold them to really challenge 3D modelers and designers to make things in a weekend. We only tell people about the contest on Friday and they have until Monday noon to submit their designs. That way a person’s true skill and drive can be seen in their 3D designs. All the work must be original and done in the 72 hours.

This past Sketchfast saw 30 wonderful entries of AR helmets & glasses made by the Sketchfab community. We were very pleased with the creativity, inventiveness and originality of the designs. The quality of the work in the short time span also blew us away.

The AR Monocle concept was chosen by the Sketchfab team and Josh from Solidsmack as the winner. This design from JC Volumic seemed to be completely ready for production and look like it could have come straight out of the Sony factory of the future.

Chaitanya Krishnan’s Universal AR makes use of the installed base of glasses in the world by clipping easily onto existing glasses.

In third place was perhaps the most futuristic design a AR contact lens, by Costas Fros. This would be much easier to wear and connect the wearer to the “network” on a much deeper level. It is powered by solar sells at the top of the contact lens.

The Survival AR helmet by Dennis Haupt complete with medical kit, thermal imaging, night vision, coffee and solar panels won the community prize.

We’ve showcased the 4 winners already, and would like to show you the rest of the designs, in no particular order.

Adhim’s gamer style comfortable looking AR headset.

V.Silvera’s stylish glasses have a “180º angle overlay holographic screen. Infrared sensors work with the gps to map the environment.”

NearKun has a home console and outdoor version of the same AR set pointing to companies making add ons, different and interchangeable versions for home and outdoor use.

Ondřej Holan’s glasses update you with news of twitter followers, distances in lightyears for use in space and come with a holographic projector.

Revel‘s AR’s can be swiveled up so you can look at the real world and concentrate on listening to music.

Game designer Akaitz made his especially for stealth use.

Iomac’s comes with a remote controlled helicopter to fly around with you and capture video.

Vondecrolock made an Existenz and Alien inspired headset.

Masterxeon1001 has a detachable AR viewer on his headset that he made using Blender.

Games artist Jauntytunes contemporary glasses have a split lens and are partially brain controlled.

DeceballHormuz has an AR pirate monocle fit for Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow.

Manish Kumar‘s AR add ons act as add ons to traditional glasses including a projector and camera.

Skany’s slick glasses can be customized to the color of your favorite sports team.

MBZKrea’s Sketchup & Blender design cups over one ear and covers only one eye much like helicopter pilot helmets. Did you know by the way that to train to see with one eye through the targeting system while flying with the other eye, heli pilots practice by driving cars with eye patches and periscopes?

Gary Lloyd‘s AR Gaming headset’s fly like eyes were created in 3DS Max and photoshop.

The ARBans by KMiklas incorporated traditional styling and design cues from the marque into a modern AR set.

Artur’s Blender AR set is unfinished and this is a shame since its very snazzy.

Clemnt took the ballsy move to enter the contest with his first ever 3D model!

Andyhdr decided against modern things and instead made a steampunk AR helmet.

Roger Bootsma’s come complete with a neck band that acts as a health monitoring device.

Computerwhiz has gone the extreme rectangular route with his glasses.

VFX artist Pavel Sharnov shows you how his classic design projects a hologram for the wearer.

Roberto Simone Silvestri has gone for shiny shiny and oversized comfortable headphones.

JonathanHilairet’s are gesture controlled and he’s designed a system comprising of 4000 mirrors and laser light to work his AR glasses.

Joshua Cole’s glasses use a wrap around screen that is adjustable.

Mwksf made his with soft bindings and an intriguing flourish of a shape around and on top of the head.

The entries were wonderful and chock full of great ideas. Far from being only a fantasy exploration many ideas were also quite practical and would augment current augmented reality headsets and glasses. We are immensely proud to be a platform for such great creativity and 3D modeling skill!

See you next Sketchfast!

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