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 Are you a big LEGO® fan? A new LEGO® CAD software called was recently released as a public beta by BrickLink, the world’s largest LEGO® marketplace.

What’s great about is that every brick you model with links to the marketplace’s parts database and wanted lists allowing you add the parts to your shopping basket and transfer what you’ve created digitally into a real-world masterpiece. Great news, especially given LEGO®’s recent decision to cease support for their own software, LEGO Digital Designer.

Even better, now supports direct export to Sketchfab so you can share your creations with friends and family and solicit feedback before tweaking and heading to the marketplace.

“Our goal here at is to make a simple but powerful LEGO® editor so that anyone with a computer can enjoy the feeling of snapping together bricks and creating works of art. With the new Sketchfab integration, we want to give our users the freedom to share and continue their work in the 3D space.”  – Summer Park, QA Manager & Project Coordinator at BrickLink

In just a few clicks your LEGO® creation will be on Sketchfab and shareable and embeddable just about anywhere you can image.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to BrickLink and download today. It’s available on both PC and Mac.

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