Cesium Adds Sketchfab Integration

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We are pleased to announce that Cesium, a 3D geospatial platform, now supports the import of free Sketchfab models.

Cesium enables users to create innovative and immersive applications based on precise real-world 3D geospatial data.

The new integration with Sketchfab allows users to easily import any of over 700,000 free models into their projects, and place and explore them in precise geospatial context.

To take advantage of Cesium ion’s Sketchfab integration:

  1.  Link your Sketchfab account to your Cesium ion account, logging in via
  2. Discover free Sketchfab models.
  3. Import a model to your Cesium ion account as a 3D Tiles asset.
  4. Precisely geolocate the model.
  5. Add it to your 3D application.

Visit Cesium to learn more and get started.

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Lisa Bos

Senior Product Manager, Cesium

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