Figmin XR adds Sketchfab Integration

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We are happy to introduce another integration that makes browsing and using content from Sketchfab easier than ever. 

Introducing Figmin XR

Create, collect, and play with holograms. Figmin XR is an AR/VR platform for creating and experiencing holographic content, with a focus on ease of use.

Creators can author 3D and 2D models within the app, and then bring them to life with its fully-featured physics editor. Models can be stored in your inventory to later be placed anywhere in your digital space. Create art, digital storefronts, memes, physics games, or use it to teach your students; there are no limits.

Sketchfab Integration

In the app’s latest update, Sketchfab is fully integrated into every aspect of Figmin XR: browse models straight from the app, save them to your inventory, give them physics, or combine them together into an interactive scene that you can share with others.

Sketchfab 3D models can be converted to Voxels, to either reduce their memory/polygon footprint or to be fully remixed by Figmin XR’s built-in Voxel editor.

Thanks to Sketchfab, Figmin XR is a platform for everyone, with no barriers to entry.


Download Figmin XR now on Magic Leap One—coming soon to Oculus Quest and mobile AR— and follow them on Twitter. You can find more information about Figmin XR and all of our integration partners on our Importers page.

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