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We’re pleased to announce that Geenee, a drag & drop WebAR scene builder and content management platform, now supports the import of Sketchfab models directly into the app.

Geenee’s AR Builder platform allows creators to assemble AR scenes and publish them to the web. Once the scenes have been completed, their creators can then share them via a QR code or URL. Geenee’s cloud-based WebAR Builder works on desktop across all browsers and requires an internet connection.

Currently, creators can directly import Creative Commons-licensed free-to-download models. Those wishing to import their purchased Sketchfab Store models will need to save them to their desktop and upload compatible files to Geenee from their local drive. In the future, Geenee plans to integrate direct import of purchased 3D assets.

How to build an AR scene with Geenee using 3D assets from Sketchfab

  1. Create a new project in Geenee.
  2. Build out the splash page and select the content type.
  3. Search across a filtered database of free, compatible 3D assets from Sketchfab or upload an asset from your local drive (GLB file format, under 50MB).
  4. Select the asset to import into the scene. You will be shown the asset’s creator information and instructions on how to provide attribution.
  5. Click into the 3D scene editor to scale, rotate, or reposition the asset within the scene. Access the code inject feature to change the texture of a model and add some interactivity.
  6. Adjust the timing of when each asset appears in the scene.
  7. Generate a QR code to view your scene in AR on the web.
  8. Hit publish to make it live!


For a free trial of Geenee, visit their website and select Free Trial below the login button.

To see all apps that offer direct import from Sketchfab, check out our Importers page.

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