The new HP Sprout Pro G2 Comes with Direct Export to Sketchfab

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With software updates unveiled at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, HP’s Sprout Pro G2 now comes with Sketchfab export built in.

Originally launched in 2014, the follow up marks the second generation of HP’s unique range of PCs specially designed for the fields of creativity, manufacturing, and education. An all-in-one form-factor combines a HD touch display with a secondary display projection onto a 20-point Touch Mat immediately in front of the machine. In addition to touch support and – of course, traditional mouse and keyboard input – the projected image can be interacted with a pressure-sensitive pen allowing for several intuitive hands-on ways to interact with the machine.

The original HP Sprout:

One of the killer features of the machine is its Orbit 3D-sensing camera that supports 3D scanning of objects held and rotated above the projection surface. Not only do the camera and software scan quickly and intuitively but they’re smart enough to ignore hands that hold any object being scanned resulting in fuss-free 3D scans.

In turn, thanks to a direct partnership with HP,  those scans can be uploaded to Sketchfab in moments directly from the Sprout with one click/touch on the sharing button.

Additionally, HP unveiled the Z 3D Camera at CES which allows you to add this scanning functionality to your existing PC and includes the same upload to Sketchfab support.

The Sprout Pro G2 will start shipping in March in select countries. For more information, visit HP’s website. In addition make sure you check out some models uploaded to Sketchfab from both the G2 and earlier iteration of the Sprout.

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