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New York Meetup: Thanks for coming!

Our NYC Meetup is a wrap! We had a small but dedicated group of Sketchfab members who fought the heavy rain and joined us in our NYC office. 

We started the evening by presenting our latest features (including our new instagram-like filters), and after that we had two quick presentations by community members: Melissa Ng from Lumecluster and Lily Su. They both use Sketchfab in combination with Shapeways for 3D printing. It was a nice and laid back evening and we really enjoyed the conversations we had with everyone!

Dreamer Mask: Illumination (3D printed) by lumecluster on Sketchfab

We also scanned everyone with our Structure scanner (which has full Sketchfab integration). Check out this gallery of portraits to meet our NYC community!

What’s next?

If you live in the Netherlands, come meet us on Thursday, November 20th! We’ll also be hosting events in other cities around the world. To stay updated, join our Meetup group and you’ll receive a notification when there’s a meetup near you.

Thanks for dropping by last night everyone, see you next time!

– Bart


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