Sketchfab in the wild: Crowdfunding Roundup

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We love seeing all the ways you use the Sketchfab viewer. Each week we see crowdfunding projects add life to their campaigns with embedded models of their products. We’ve even been profiling successful past campaigns in our Crowdfunding Insights series. Here’s a roundup of current projects we back:


Pebblebee Stone helps you control any app on your smartphone with a single button. Simplify your life with one click: take a selfie, upload it to Facebook, share your location, find lost items, or turn your lights off from bed. More than a thousand people have preordered on Indiegogo!

by pebblebee
on Sketchfab

Another very powerful tracker on Indiegogo is Smart Tracker 2. All the features you can imagine are included: real-time tracking, geo-fence, multiple support, shake alarm, panic button, speeding alarm, movement alarm, voice monitor, distance counter…and more.

Smart Tracker 2
by enikuksi
on Sketchfab

FEBO is an easy to use wooden tool that lets you customize your belongings by focusing the suns rays on wood, cork, plywood, leather and much more. Fun for all ages and skill levels. Up on Kickstarter now!

FEBO, draw and paint with the sun
by atellani
on Sketchfab

A stylus reinvented? Scriba is a new stylus designed around the natural movements of your hand. With a flexible body and dynamic squeeze motion, Scriba responds to your every touch, empowering you with greater freedom to express your creative self. A nice annotated model is on their project page:


Scriba Stylus
by Dublin Design Studio
on Sketchfab

Want to know how to embed a model in your next crowdfunding campaign? It’s easy! Here are our tutorials to embed your 3D model on Kickstarter or Indiegogo!

– Natalia


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