#SelfieTennis VR Game - Call For Balls

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Hi Tennis Fans,

Our friends at VRUnicorns are hosting a “Call For Balls” to find the holy grail of tennis ball designs to include in their new virtual reality (VR) game #SelfieTennis. A VR game where you play tennis against yourself using the HTC Vive. I mean, there’s nothing like playing with your own ball(s).

How do I make my own ball(s)?

It’s super easy to participate:

  • Download the 3D model and texture template file from Sketchfab here.
  • Design and create your own personalized texture for your own ball in the game.
  • Zip the 3D model file (.fbx) with your design texture (.png) and upload that to Sketchfab.
  • Be sure to use the tag “SelfieTennis” on your model. Here’s a short how-to video.
  • The counsel of the one horn (VRUnicorn) will review all your lovely submissions and spread rainbows amongst the winning participants.
  • Win = You’ll get to play with your own ball(s)c in #SelfieTennis.
  • You have until May 1st to submit your texture design.

When you’re done, you’ll be left with a masterpiece like so:


If you have any questions about the contest, Tweet @VRUnicorns on Twitter.

Have fun!

A friend to all games,

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