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Human-Engine, LLC is a Los-Angeles based startup focused on VR, AR, Artificial Intelligence, 3D/4D Scanning and light field technology.

We produce 3D content and characters for various needs, from high quality and highly detailed meshes to optimized and game-ready assets. In addition to our 3D/4D scanning services, we also develop interactive applications such as VR and AR experiences.

In 2015, we started using Sketchfab to present our models to potential clients but because of the positive response and requests of the viewers, we decided to provide freelance artists, hobbyists, indie game developers, and budding artists with quality 3D assets at an affordable price.

Customer relations are important to us, we decide on which new assets to create based on our users’ requests and needs, some of which are anatomical references, models for 3D print, models for animation, and more.

Featured Client: Intel

Aside from our own Virtual and Augmented Reality apps, we also create and develop content for contract work. One of the many projects we’re happy to share is our work with Intel.

Human-Engine was hired to develop a live Volumetric Capture booth at the Sundance film festival showcasing Intel’s Realsense D435 depth cameras.

We captured over 300 performances and uploaded them to Sketchfab

We’re currently planning to put up assets on Sketchfab using our Volumetric Capture system. So stay tuned!

Learn more about this project and Volumetric Capture.

Featured Partner: NVIDIA

Another successful project we’ve had is our partnership with NVIDIA on their VR Fun House.

Though we don’t have the models available on Sketchfab, some of the tasks we accomplished on this project were post processing effects, texture maps (diffuse, normal, specular, etc.), making sure that all of the interactions worked perfectly, and rendering the scenes properly.

Featured Client: Google Daydream

Google recently released “Welcome to Light Fields” a free VR app for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. We’re very proud to have participated in this project.


We are currently working on many scanned environment assets, some of which we post on Sketchfab and we will soon share light field assets as well, which we are currently recording.

You can access the app here: Google’s “Welcome to Light-Fields”.


Some of the factors we consider in pricing our model are as follows:

  • Use of the 3D models (whether they’re rigged or not). Usually, models that are rigged lengthen the production process, which equates to higher costs, unlike those assets that only have textures.
  • Number of maps included (we usually have designated maps for each part of the body (3 normal maps, 3 specular maps and 3 roughness maps). The higher number of maps provides greater quality which results in higher costs.
  • Market’s demand (the more users that demand your product, the lower the price of the asset)
  • Competition (consider the competitor’s price and whether it aligns or exceeds the competitor’s quality)


Other than Sketchfab, using other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has helped increase our market reach.

We are constantly updating our social media sites with recent and future projects, new assets and other information relating to our company’s nature. Feel free to follow our accounts to learn more about us:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Why use Sketchfab?

Sketchfab’s interactive viewing platform gives the users full control over the scenes, making it easier for them to inspect the models before purchasing them. Unlike rendered images on other platforms that have limited views, Sketchfab can offer many of options to view the asset (wireframe, process, maps inspection, etc.).

There are also impressive lighting, scene, post-processing and material settings that improve the experience of the models being displayed. A plus factor for sellers like us!

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