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Hi, my name is Murilo Kleine, I’m a 2D and 3D generalist artist from Brazil. I graduated in Industrial and Graphic Design and always had a great interest in video-games and CGI, Jurassic Park being the epitome of awesomeness that made me want to become an artist, twenty or so years ago.

Brazil can be a harsh place if you’re venturing into the entertainment field, the country mostly imports all it consumes in the game and film industry, which means a great part of the local art community who strives to make a living out of it has to look for opportunities abroad. Thankfully, Sketchfab has proven to be one of the greatest helpers in that regard! It has allowed me to reach the “outside world” and find amazing opportunities, project partners, followers, feedback, developers interested in what I had to offer, knowledge and inspiration. Even more, now with the Store, Sketchfab has provided the tools to sell art and assets, an extra source of the much welcomed income to help our artistry endeavors and make a decent living out of it! Thank you for that, Sketchfab and team!

Deciding on what to create for the store means you have to balance production time, costs, art, quality, your skills, potential buyers interests, your interests, desired selling prices and realistic prices people are willing to pay. It is, for me, a personal enterprise, and I do intend to offer a broader variety of quality art and assets in the near future, bigger and better at accessible prices to small businesses (hopefully worldwide), to coders looking for some art for their games, to people learning their way into the field in need of reference or base meshes to boot, and why not, to potential followers interested in supporting my content.

I mostly work on characters and general props ready for games and simple animations, varying from cartoon style to low-poly with hard edges. Keeping everything simple and easily editable with clean meshes, good topology, coherent UVs and layered textures is a must if you intend to sell your work. Unnecessary complexity often confuses and slows down further work on or with the model, so the more optimized, the better.

I think the Store has a lot of growth potential, to the sellers and to the community itself, both in and outside the US.

Commercial Info

Although I’ve been working with 3D for some time, selling models is fairly new to me. The ones I currently have for sale have been used in a few game projects, prototypes and as base meshes for character creation. Some other work that I developed — based on past personal projects in Sketchfab — are being used in an upcoming Indian indie game, Possessions.

As for the pricing in the Store, I try to sell my work at an accessible price while still making some money out of it in the long run. The idea is to focus not only on the immediate income each model provides, but also on the opportunities they bring along within the community. Most of my personal income comes from projects abroad, the majority from people who’ve seen my work on the internet, Sketchfab and it’s visibility being a key factor, so I intend to expand on that.

For better quality in general, I spend quite some time making sure my models have very clean topology (a lower poly version can be achieved just by deleting some loops, most of the time) and easy to understand and edit textures, that also makes setting them up in the store pretty straightforward. I basically upload and provide the original .blend file, an FBX file and the textures in PNG and PSD when available. Sketchfab’s post-processing effects shaders then help me to achieve a crisp look, generally with some basic lighting and color enhancements for the scene.

Overall, Sketchfab is the ideal place for 3D artists and sellers. Its industry standard PBR workflow and shaders allow for great graphical fidelity, from realistic to cartoon aesthetics, it’s simply the best real-time 3D online engine out there, making it possible to present great work for the viewer, potential buyer or not.

With ease of use, a few tweaks on the sliders allow you to experiment and find the sweet spot in lighting and shading. I’m always messing around to see what I can achieve in terms of presentation: good contrast, focus on the model, functional lighting to show details, some post-fx to enhance the visuals… Making the model visually interesting to the general public is probably a very good idea, even if you’re only focused on selling it, the more exposure it gets within the site and the community, the better.

For those who want to venture into the 3D selling market, easily editable characters and architecture seems to be the greatest interests for both the general viewer and the general buyer! I’ll make sure to have a greater catalog on those in the near future, maybe you should too!

Thank you for reading and for your support! 🙂

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Murilo Kleine

Interested in 3D and silly pangrams.

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