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Seller Spotlight: Quang Phan

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About Me

I’m Quang Phan and I have been making 3D characters for games since 2015. I’m from Vietnam and work in a realistic style.

In fact, I studied and trained to become an architect at Hanoi University of Architecture, and worked in architecture for 10 years after I studied design. However, ever since I could hold a pencil and practice drawing strokes, I have been really passionate about creating my favorite characters.

I taught at an architecture department at a local university and one day, while working on a 3D project involving anthropometry, my life changed. This project required me to describe the structure of the human body and interact with the character’s surroundings. It took me a while to learn and practice before I created my first character model; of course, it was not perfect and there were lots of bugs. The project seemed to come to a standstill because we had not anticipated the massive amount of work we would have to do, and the project failed.

Some time later, my best friend asked me to work on a small game for mobile devices. We worked with passion and didn’t have time to think about the result, and the project once again failed.

You might think that if what you’re doing always fails, it’s probably not for you. I thought so too and I thought it was better for me to return to my previous job and become an architecture teacher. It’s hard to resist what you are passionate about, maybe you will have to trade everything and maybe you will lose everything if you continue on the path shrouded in black mist.

Becoming a Seller

One day when I was sitting at work, I saw an artist showing his 3D model in real-time on a social networking site. I was curious and surprised by how he could do that. I clicked the picture and discovered Sketchfab. At that time, in order to showcase your 3D work, you needed to record videos or 3D snapshots. It was difficult for customers to visualize your work if they wanted to see it from a different perspective.

I have found that being able to show my work in full 3D is a useful tool that makes it easier to reach out and describe my work to my clients. I went on to create the first model I could think of, a female assassin with a modern outfit. But that package was not released; feedback from online marketplaces indicated that it did not meet the quality requirements.

Seeking to create a high-quality model and wanting to learn how other people create them, I continued to rummage through all the knowledge shared on the internet.

I went on to the second package and waited for the response and luckily the package was accepted. However, some customers complained about some bugs and offered suggestions, which were really a gift and I always remember them. Customer comments and feedback helped me improve each day and create more consistent and better quality packages.

And that’s the way I became a seller. I always silently thank you for supporting me and for getting me to where I am today!

Why I Became a Seller

I wasn’t really lucky when I started working in 3D—I was disoriented and didn’t know what to do. My first game projects were never finished, but I thought I could create characters that could fit into your projects and maybe you could use them. This approach would help me follow my passion and would save you time and money on producing characters.

And here I am.

Selling on Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a powerful tool for you to show off your abilities. You may come across similar websites but they are not enough for you to convey what you need, such as lights, materials, animations, interactivity. Characters are the most interesting when they can be animated and posed in different ways. Customers can easily see the whole model and its quality, and, furthermore, your model will look more vivid than it would in static photos.

The best way you can promote your products is by sending links or embeds of your products to clients. When customers can see and manipulate your model, the likelihood that they will buy it is much higher than if they just see an image.

I think that’s all a seller like me needs.

Future Assets

I don’t know what I will create in the future, but I’ll probably need to learn more and create better products. I hope one day that I will make products like my favorite artists.

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