Sketchfab Store: 2022 Year in Review

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As we look back at 2022, we are grateful for another outstanding year together, our amazing and rapidly growing seller community, and the over 200,000 loyal customers who power their creative projects with the Sketchfab Store.

I want to take this opportunity to share the highlights of what we have achieved together this year.

Our marketplace content offering is continuing to soar

Our asset library has increased by 40% this year! Our contributors are creating more amazing content than ever before and this means more uploads and more selection for our buyers. We are constantly amazed by the diversity and quality of assets. We are seeing particular growth in 3D scans, game-ready, low-poly, and animated content categories. With the launch of RealityScan, we are hoping to see even more exciting content coming to the Sketchfab Store in 2023.

Record-breaking payouts for sellers

It is always exciting to know that our community of creators sees the growth of the Store reflected in their sales and revenue. This has been our best year yet. We saw significant growth in average order volume and 50% growth in the overall number of sales.

As part of Epic Games, we also offer an industry-leading revenue share of 88% for our sellers,  generating them the most revenue on a per sale basis.

With 2023 on the horizon, we have many exciting plans in the works that will expand creators’ sales opportunities across their portfolios. Stay tuned!

Creator Community is healthy and growing

We started the Sketchfab Store nearly five years ago with only a few hundred creators. This year we saw sizable growth in new seller inquiries and applications and, as a result, our seller community has welcomed thousands of new creators.

Our collection of assets is now even more diverse. I’d like to thank our new community members for joining and sharing their works with us and with the world.

If you are not yet a seller and would like to become one, sign up here.

We are nearing our 5 year anniversary for the Sketchfab Store and we are proud of our journey together. We grew our team this year in order to support our sellers better and we are continuing to make further investments in the future of the Sketchfab Store! I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us.

Onward and upward 🚀


Featured Image Credit: Gingerbread Cookies by Katerina Novakova

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