Sketchfab Celebrates Four Years!

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Time flies when you’re having fun…and today we celebrate four years of Sketchfab! We’re constantly amazed at the work that you share. When we launched in 2012, we had a few early favorites:

Sketchfab legacy by alban on Sketchfab

The first upload, a minitel (now we have VR!) was quickly followed by hundreds more uploads! Though it would be several years before he joined our team, Bart’s announcement post on BlenderNation on March 30th, 2012 led to our first server crash from the overwhelming traffic!


From that first day to today thank you for inspiring us with the amazing art you upload and share! From art and animations to Virtual Reality, we’re honored to be your favorite way to share 3D.

Check out all of our (and your!) milestones:


Can’t wait to see what you create next. Cheers to the next four years!


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Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.

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