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We’re pleased to announce a much requested feature today for our PRO and above subscribers: the ability to download your own 3D model files direct from Sketchfab and Unity, Unreal and Cinema4D.

This is a great way for you to not only use Sketchfab to showcase your models, but to now also use Sketchfab as a secure backup available to you wherever you have an internet connection. It’s also a great way to distribute files to team members who have access to your account.

Download your models from the website

If you’re a PRO, Premium, Business, or Enterprise subscriber, you’ll find the new feature in the “Manage Your Model” panel on model pages. Just click the “More” dropdown button to access the download function.

Download your models from within Unity, Unreal and Cinema4D

Not only can you download your original file format, and any associated textures, exactly as you uploaded it, but you can also opt to download a glTF version of your file, so this is a great way to quickly convert your work to this flexible interoperable file format that’s quickly gaining ground among your favorite 3D applications. The glTF download will also contain any changes you made to your materials in our 3D Editor.

In addition, we’ve added the download function to our official importer plugins for Unity and Unreal, Cinema4D, with an update for Blender following shortly. This means that when browsing Sketchfab from within these apps to download models generously provided by the Sketchfab community under Creative Commons licensing, you can also download your own models directly into the editing environment.

By checking the ‘My Models’ option the search will be restricted to your own Sketchfab portfolio:

If you consider yourself a Sketchfab power user but haven’t yet upgraded your basic account, be sure to check out our flexible subscription options to upload larger file sizes, unlock features like model downloads and plenty more.


Featured image: Computer Components by crimsonfalcon

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