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3D Concept Art is a new artist portfolio website that’s currently in ‘Final Beta’. Of course, you can’t have a portfolio these days without interactive 3D so we’re happy to announce that they added Sketchfab support!

3D Concept Art team member Felipe Chamorro comments:

Sketchfab brings new possibilities for showing your artwork. For getting feedback and visualize projects fast. As it’s a commonly used tool for 3D Artists, I believe this is a future medium for exploring and engaging not only artists but also different types of viewers. Turning around a concept is a very important part in the process for finding cons and refining ideas. A perfect tool for a more concrete relationship between you and for example an employer. Therefore we believe by adding Sketchfab can bring many possibilities for our members at 3D Concept Art Community.

Well said Felipe, thanks!

To learn more about how to post your Sketchfab work on 3D Concept Art, read their blogpost.

Also, we’re sponsoring the 3D Concept Art ‘Creatures vs Humanoids’ contest – go check it out!

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