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We’re making some technical changes to our API, the system that allows applications and plugins to ‘talk’ to our website. This post describes the changes and is aimed at software developers.

As part of some major worked aimed at improving the speed and reliability of our API and the website in general, we’ll be making some slight changes to our existing API upload endpoints.

The affected endpoints are the following:

We will implement this change in one week, on Tuesday December 9th.

What will change?

Currently, when you send a model to one of this endpoints, you only get a response when we have actually finished processing the model, which may take a while.

After the change, the API will return as soon as the model is finished uploaded, and before it starts being processed. The model will then be added to the processing queue and be processed as usual.

The format of the response itself will remain the same:


   ‘result’: {

       ‘id’: <id of your model>



When you go to the model page, (<id of your model>), the page will display a loading indicator if the model is still being processed.


 Model: Bob by Julio Iglesias

What do I need to do?

In general, it’s highly recommended to upgrade your code to the newest version (v2) of our API. Please refer to our API documentation for details.

If you’re only using the endpoint to upload models, the change should be transparent and you don’t have to make any changes to your application.

If however you’re doing any kind of callbacks after your model is sent to our server (eg: sending a subsequent API request to make your model shadeless), you must make sure that you wait until your model has actually finished processing. If the processing hasn’t finished yet, subsequent requests will fail.

To get to know the processing status of your model, use our polling API. When you get the green light (status = PROCESSED), you can go on as usual.

Some side notes

Again, it’s highly recommended to use this as an opportunity to update your scripts to our v2 API. v0 and v1 aren’t documented anymore, and are on a path to deprecation as we move forward.

While you’re at this, if you don’t do it already, it’s also a good practice to send the ‘source’ parameter to you upload API call so we can track where models come from, which allows use to optimize their processing.

A informative source might be something like: ‘blender-exporter-<version>’, or ‘dropr-upload-<version>’. Please send us an email ( to we can take this into account!

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Need some help?

We will implement this change on Tuesday December 9th, so be sure to review your application before then. Of course we’re happy to help manage this transition as smoothly as possible – feel free to reach out to






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