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Sketchfab loves our students.  We really, really love you. 

A bajillion (that’s totally a real number) students signed up for our free student PRO account this week. We saved you money.  You sent us tons of emails filled with adoration.  (Doesn’t seem like an even trade. You’ll get us back one day, right?)  

But because I love watching my CEO’s head explode as we hand out free accounts, help me get the word out! It’s a Facebook and Twitter Share our Free Student PRO account Challenge.  And yeah, you’ll win more free stuff.  

The Facebook/Twitter Student SHARE Challenge

  • Write a great tagline about Sketchfab.
  • Share our free student PRO account blog post on Twitter and Facebook with your tagline. Do it now.
  • Tell your friends to like it, share it, retweet it, and favorite it.
  • Take a screen shot of your post(s) on Monday at midnight EST. 
  • Comment on this blog post with your screenshot and Sketchfab username.  
  • The screenshot with most combined likes/shares/retweets/favorites wins a Sketchfab care package!  

A Sketchfab Care Package?  Yup.  Just like from your Mom, only it won’t have socks and undies.  (Unless we end up buying Sketchfab Underoos.)

The Sketchfab Care Package

Thanks for using Sketchfab!  If you have any questions or just wanna shoot the breeze, email me at 



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