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If we can 3D print the Venus de Milo with arms, what are her arms doing?
Slate covered Cosmo Wenman’s initiative to develop a 3-D rendering that preserved the statue’s existing pose intact! A very interesting move to preserve and build on our cultural heritage. Several Greek newspapers wrote about it as well.

Other nice embeds:

  • World of Tanks keep up sharing great models on their portals.
  • After the announcement of Sketchfab partnership with Microsoft for the Hololens, the French Journal du Geek covered the demo of the new AR headset.
  • Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao in the “Fight of the Century” on last Saturday, and the Costa Rican newspaper La Nación shared a model of the fight belt.
  • Cloud Imperial Games unveils the MISC Hull series of transporters for Star Citizens. Imperial News Network shared 3D models of them.

And crowdfunding campaigns of the week:

  • Lock-Rs is a universal locking system for your digital and physical belongings that also allows you to protect and share experiences, and memories with the people you care about the most. It’s now on Kickstarter.
  • The Rize Vaporizer is a beautifully designed, easy-to-charge, and customizable vaporizer. A 3D model of it is up on the Indiegogo project page! Check it out.

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