Tutorial: Exporting Custom Lightmaps from 3DS Max to Sketchfab

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Frensh House with custum AO
by Milan Van Damme
on Sketchfab

Milan van Damme is a professor at HOWEST – University College of West Flanders. While the Sketchfab exporter for 3DS Max supports light baking, Milan found that he needed more control over the results – specifically he wanted to use different UV mappings for the light maps and the diffuse maps. He posted a detailed instruction on our community forum.

Milan writes:

Hi 3Dfriends!

I knew it was possible, but up until now I had not taken the time to figure out exactly how, to combine a lightmap with tiling and modular textures. Now I took out the time to test it and I made a small video tutorial. Why not share it with all of you?

Sketchfab can handle lightbakes very similar to how a game engine would handle lightmaps, and you can archive the same results. But you have to bake and set them up manually.

This is by no means a discredit to the Sketchfab exporter for max. It works great. But I found the way it works with baked lightmaps in combination with modular textures not ideal and also not representative with how a game engine would handle lightbakes.

Have a nice day!

Awesome job Milan, thanks!

– Bart


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