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We are pleased to announce that HTC VIVERSE, a metaverse ecosystem that connects people from all walks of life to an open and accessible virtual world, now offers direct import of models from Sketchfab. This new integration opens up a vast library of free content to creators within VIVERSE and significantly expands their opportunity for creative self-expression in the metaverse.

VIVERSE gives its users the opportunity to explore pre-built Worlds or personalize their own Worlds. For creators who are decorating their own unique Worlds, the new Sketchfab integration allows for easy import of Sketchfab models. VIVERSE users have access to any of the 1 million free-to-download Creative Commons-licensed models in our extensive library. Model attribution is handled automatically within VIVERSE, making it easy to follow the Creative Commons license terms.

VIVERSE users can access Worlds from any web browser on phones, tablets, computers, and VR headsets.

How to import into VIVERSE from Sketchfab

  1. Sign into or sign up for VIVERSE.
  2. Go to My World.
  3. Unbox and redeem your Starter World.
  4. Enter your Starter World and switch to World Owner view.
  5. Click on “+” to import Sketchfab 3D models into your World.

To see all apps that offer direct import from Sketchfab, check out our Importers page.


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