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It’s been a while since our previous Website Update and we have a ton of updates to share! We had a busy time with part of our team attending SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, Canada, and some team members taking a quick vacation but still we managed to get an incredible amount of work done.

And remember: if you ever have a suggestion or if you have found a bug, please get in touch. You could be part of our next Website Update!

Most important changes this week

New integrations

Embeds and viewer

  • We added a ‘demo mode’ shader to the viewer. It will make the model cycle between different shaders to showcase different aspects of it. Artist uses it often to present models like diffuse / normalmap etc. Here’s an example:

cyclops_engine by Fox3D on Sketchfab

Uploading, exporters and editing

  • Our ZBrush exporter has received a big overhaul.

  • Fixed the material editor – in some cases double clicking would select the wrong object.

  • Changing a model’s orientation now correctly updates the camera orientation in all cases (like Annotations).


  • Improved layout for mobile devices.

  • We’ve made it easier to share your model right after uploading it.

– Bart


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