Want your models to tell a story? Meet our new ANNOTATIONS feature

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Designers all over the world use Sketchfab to share their work in real time 3D.  Why?  Our platform is the best way to share your designs and allow your fans to fully explore your models.  But did you ever wish your Sketchfab models could tell a story? Take your viewers on a mini-tour of your favorite parts?  Sounds crazy, right?

Wrong.  Totally sane.  With Sketchfab’s new annotations, you can mark different points on your model, record the best camera position, and add a description.  You can use annotations on any of your Sketchfab models, and they’re super simple to navigate.   

Try one now:

As of today, annotations are now available for all Sketchfab accounts. Free accounts can add up to 5 annotations (on each model) and PRO users can add up to 20.

How to Add Annotations to your Models

  1. Go to your model and open the 3D settings page.

  2. Switch to the annotations tab on the left side of the page.

  3. Navigate to a location you’d like to annotate and double-click. This will place the annotation marker on the surface of your model.

  4. Enter a title and a description for your annotation.

  5. Your new annotations appears in the annotations bar. Click the camera icon to record the current camera settings for this annotation.

  6. In the annotations bar, you can also easily edit previous annotations, delete them and even reorder them. Just grab one and drag it up or down the list.

  7. Finally, don’t forget to save your new annotations. 🙂

Two more tips:

  • Not happy with the location of an annotation on your model? Just grab it and move it to a better position!

  • Hyperlinks in the description are clickable. For the best results, keep the links short by using a URL shortener: Sketchfab models all have a short URL under the ‘Share’ option. For external links, you can use a free service like bit.ly.

Don’t feel like reading directions? Watch this video tutorial on annotations instead! You can also check our dedicated Annotations FAQ.

Our Favorite Annotated Models

…for now.  Your newly annotated model could be the next favorite in our favorite list.

Education – Rat Brain

Scientific Illustrator Mieke Roth uses annotations to give in-depth information about specific areas of a rat brain in this model:

Art – Classic Racing Car 

JC Volumic gives you a tour of his classic racing car.  There’s some details  you might have missed without his annotations: 

Product presentation – Google Cardboard

Showing a virtual reality set in virtual reality 🙂 It’s like a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a dream. Fun tip: did you know you can browse this  with your Oculus? 

Business use – The Sketchfab Team!

The Sketchfab team is distributed over 6 different locations in North America and Europe. We’re so global!  Discover where we are:

Are you ready to try annotations?

This week, only annotated models will be added to our Staff Picks. So give annotations a try!  Don’t you want your work in the spotlight? We know you do. 😉

Thanks for checking out our new annotations feature!  And remember, as always, email us at hello@sketchfab.com if you have any questions

or praise.  We totally love praise. Enjoy!

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