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We heard your frustration about paid and free downloads being mixed together in Sketchfab search results, and we have developed a solution. We’re excited to announce our newest search filter option, which lets you customize your search results to include only the free or paid license types you want.

Read on for an explanation of each of the license types.

Free licenses

CC0 – Public Domain

You may distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the downloaded model in any medium or format, with no conditions.

CC BY – Attribution

You may share, edit, and use the model, but they must give credit to the original model uploader for their work. The options for sharing, editing, and usage are contingent upon whether one of the other license types (e.g., Non-Commercial, No Derivatives, or ShareAlike) is used.

CC BY-NC – Non-Commercial

You cannot use the downloaded model commercially.

CC BY-ND – No Derivatives

You may use and share the model, but cannot alter it. This license type cannot be used in conjunction with CC BY-SA.

CC BY-SA – Share Alike

You may share, edit, and use the model, but derivative work must be shared under the same license. The usage options for the model may be constrained by the addition of Non-Commercial (NC) to the license. This license type cannot be used in conjunction with CC BY-ND.

Store licenses

Standard License

You may use the 3D asset worldwide, on all types of media, for all types of use (whether commercial and non-commercial), in all types of derivative works.

Editorial License

You may use the 3D asset only in connection with events that are newsworthy or of public interest (news articles, documentaries, creations of cultural value, etc.). The asset may not be used for any commercial or promotional use. The 3D asset may be edited only if its editorial quality is not altered.


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