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We have a new homepage!

It’s been over six months since our last change to the layout of our homepage. During that time, we learned many things about Sketchfab and about YOU, which lead us to understand how we should improve it. After many discussions, prototypes and user tests, we’re now proud to present our new homepage to you!

When asked about the new layout, our lead designer Maurice says:

“We felt that the previous homepage didn’t show very well what Sketchfab is, which was confirmed by tests. We wanted a good looking homepage to show that Sketchfab is the place to be for 3D files. By that, we mean that we are trying to build the best service for uploading, viewing, sharing and finding models.”

Please note that you’ll only see the new design if you’re logged out.

For logged-in users we have a surprise too: we’re replacing the Staff Picks page with a gallery of the most popular models of the last 7 days. Embedding your work on a popular site or making it viral on a social network can now get you featured on our homepage! Of course, we’ll keep staff picking work – you’ll find the selected works in the Explore menu.

New integrations

Model upload and editing

  • We optimised large model processing.
  • A new global on/off button allows you to enable and disable all your camera effects at once:



  • We improved performance on mobile devices by switching to another texture type.
  • We fixed scrolling on mobile devices.


  • We fixed an issue in the login system which forced some users to re-login often.
  • Embeds now have a download button, if a model is downloadable.
  • In some cases, annotations were saved, but not displaying.

– Bart


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