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We’re gearing up for battle this month! We teamed up with for a World of Tanks contest with some awesome prizes. World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO action game. It has a strong focus on the realism of vehicles and the historical accuracy of battle scenes. Play head to head with other players and relive historic battles!

We’re challenging you to create a diorama that represents an interesting moment in this game. It’s entirely up to you: maybe it’s something fun you encountered while playing, or maybe it’s something crazy that you could imagine happening on the battlefield.

To prepare yourself, we recommend giving the game a try. The crew is throwing in 7 days of premium access for the first 100 contestants and 1000 in-game Gold to get you started (learn more about Game Gold here).

Prizes include gamer wear by Jinx and Sketchfab PRO licenses. The best models will be featured on the World of Tanks Portal, giving you a HUGE amount of exposure to their community!

Your diorama doesn’t need to be in the style of WoT. You’re also not required to match their realism – they work on their models for months! In fact, your scene doesn’t even need to have a tank in it. Just let the game inspire you and design your own interesting scene, in your own style.

To get you started, here are some helpful tutorials on adding a skybox to your diorama, some asset modeling tips and even cel-shading and creating cartoon outlines for your models (if you decide to go that way).

How to enter

  • Apply for 7 days of Premium access and 100 Game Gold, fill out this form. Note: we’re giving away invite codes – these are for new World of Tanks players only!
  • Wait for your invitation code – you will receive a reply within one business day.
  • Download and sign up for World of Tanks, using the code you received.
  • Explore World of Tanks to get a sense of the atmosphere and action in the game.
  • Create a diorama that’s inspired by a World of Tanks scene.
  • Upload your designs to Sketchfab.
  • Document your progress in a ‘Work in Progress’ thread on the Artwork forum.
  • Tag your final entry with WoT2015.
  • Submit your work before Sunday, May 31st, 23:59 CET.

Prizes is offering vouchers for Jinx, Clothing Inspired by Video Games & Geek Culture.

  • 1st place – €100 voucher for Jinx* + 12 months of Sketchfab PRO (value €120)
  • 2nd place – €75 voucher for Jinx* + 6 months of Sketchfab PRO (value €60)
  • 3rd place – €50 voucher for Jinx* + 3 months of Sketchfab PRO

* Jinx vouchers are redeemable in the US and Europe only.

Have fun!


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