How Carter Manufacturing uses interactive 3D to educate sales teams on its sophisticated products

Carter Manufacturing specializes in prototyping and manufacturing high-precision bearings for both standard and specialized applications in industries such as chemical, food processing, and industrial packaging. It even has products on Mars!

The Problem: Carter Manufacturing didn’t have any interactive tools to educate its plant managers and sales teams on its products.

Carter Manufacturing needed a way to better demo its products. Until now, they leveraged 2D images, charts, and product manuals. As Carter Manufacturing produces high-precision and specialized products, it needs to:

  • Be able to showcase products in great detail to its sales team and its clients.
  • Enable its teams and clients to interact with the product so they can learn about the different parts. 

Carter Manufacturing had developed its own 3D models and wanted to share them with its sales representatives but it didn’t have an easy way to do this.

  • The only way to share a 3D model with the sales team or a client was to share the 3D source file. 
  • The only way for the sales team to navigate the 3D object was to use 3D creation software. The sales team did not have the skills or background required to manipulate 3D objects within the specialized 3D software.

The Solution

  • Engineering training expert saVRee, a Sketchfab certified partner, leveraged the Sketchfab 3D viewer and the Sketchfab API to develop the Interface Builder. This web-based tool enables users to create an interactive real-time 3D interface with no coding knowledge required.  
  • Carter Manufacturing used the Interface Builder to create an interactive interface to showcase its 3D models of products.

The team at Carter Manufacturing could easily create and customize many aspects of their product interface using saVRee’s Interface Builder, following the steps below. 

  • Display any of its Sketchfab-hosted 3D models. 
  • Add content such as videos, images, PDFs, and external links to the parts of the interface that surround the model. 
  • Enable real-time 3D actions such as cross-section views, variations, annotations and show or hide parts.
  • Customize the interface to match its own branding. This includes customizing the loading screen to display the company’s slogan or tagline.
  • Enable or disable features such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Embed the entire interface on any website.

The Results

Now, instead of only 2D images and product charts, Carter Manufacturing has an interactive way of showing its products with a 3D interactive interface. 

Carter Manufacturing can now use the 3D interface to onboard and train its sales, marketing, and training teams on its products. These teams can also leverage the interactive interface to educate their own customers. 

Carter Manufacturing can also use this interface at showrooms to educate visitors on its products. 

December 2022