Top 5 Reasons to Use 3D Ads

Consumers are exposed to so many ads everyday (4,000/day!) that they have lost faith in brands and see them as intrusive and manipulative. As a result, consumers are paying less attention to ads, either by changing the channels, adding an adblock extension or just mentally tuning out by the act of multitasking.


Therefore, the market for consumer attention has become extremely competitive, and the cost of consumer attention has dramatically risen in the past two decades.

One of the most efficient ways to capture and keep consumer attention is to adopt innovative ways to communicate (on various platforms). One of them is to use 3D ads, and here is why:

1. 3D ads are interactive

With 3D ads, shoppers are able to experience your products and explore them in more detail than through any static image. They can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and configure the product.

It will come as no surprise, then, that audience engagement is improved by deploying this immersive technology that makes your products stand out more than traditional banner ads.

2. 3D ads increase your return on ad spend

increase click through rate

3D ads prove to deliver a better Return on Ad Spend (+150%) over traditional banner ads, as well as better in-site traffic by decreasing the bounce rate. Split-testing Sketchfab-brand 3D ads versus traditional static ads bears out just how dramatically ROAS can improve.

3. 3D ads can be configurable

Configurable options give shoppers the unique ability to personalize and customize products in real time – within the banner ad! Cut through the noise with an extraordinary & fun online experience.

4. 3D ads increase website conversion and traffic to your website

3D ads create more interaction and engagement. All of our ads can include a direct link to an ecommerce website, and we observe a tremendous increase in website conversion by 10 to 35% versus traditional, static banners. They also create better in-site traffic by reducing the bounce rate.


5. 3D ads are easy to implement

Sketchfab’s 3D playout is done through proprietary technology built with WebGL. It is compatible with all devices, browsers and ad servers, so you can traffic these banners anywhere. Adding interactivity and configurability to any banner creative is fairly simple: it’s essentially a matter of uploading a model to Sketchfab and then embedding the model in a banner through a standard iframe.