Jewlr More Than Double Their Return on Ad Spend With an Interactive 3D Ad


Sketchfab 3D viewer helped Jewlr:

Create a disruptive banner ad: Sketchfab created a totally new way of discovering jewelry by using an interactive 3D ad

Increase engagement with shoppers: Sketchfab created an extraordinary online experience as close as possible to an in-store experience by offering the ability for potential customers to move the product around, zoom in and zoom out as they wish

Increase return on ad spend by 2.5X: by improving the quality of the traffic on their website, JEWLR increased significantly their return on ad spend

The challenge

Jewlr, an innovative online jewelry marketplace

Jewlr is an online only retailer for fine jewelry.

All their products are customizable. They give shoppers the unique ability to create, personalize and visualize in real time rings, pendants, charms and earrings.

Create a disruptive experience for an online only retailer

Since Jewlr is an online-only retailer, customers can not discover, feel and move their products in space as they would in a physical store.

To attract new customers and create a disruptive way to discover and buy jewelry, Sketchfab and Jewlr used the latest advancements in web technology and developed an interactive 3D ad.

The solution

A 3D ad: an immersive experience for online retailers

Sketchfab 3D viewer is the first and only player compatible with all ad networks, and is paving the way for a new type of interactive advertising. The 3D ad offered the ability for potential customers to get a feel for the ring by allowing them to move and explore the whole product.

Using a 3D model was a more realistic way to share Jewlr products and the best tool to earn their audience’s trust and create an experience as close as possible to an in-store experience.

“We believe that 3D ad technology is the ultimate ad solution for the eCommerce store. Sketchfab has made it possible for us to show potential customers our products at their best and the results speak for themselves”

—Tony Davis, CEO of JEWLR

The results

A massive success

+ 150%

Increase in Return on Ad Spend

– 54%

Bounce Rate Reduction

This 3D ad proved to be a massive success, delivering a 150% ROAS (return on ad spend) increase over their traditional banner ad, as well as improving the quality of their in site traffic by decreasing their bounce rate by up to 54%.

“In the future, we hope to scale out this technology to other platforms as well as continue developing innovative creative for this powerful 3D format”

—Tony Davis, CEO of JEWLR

An interactive and engaging experience

The 3D ad created for Jewlr is interactive by nature, it takes visitors on an immersive online adventure. Jewlr shoppers were able to play with their products, rotate and explore them in more detail.

It’s a thoroughly modern approach to a well-worn industry, and it created much more engagement than a static image.

As a result, Jewlr managed to provide a more realistic way to share their products thanks to the 3D model. It was the best tool to earn their audience’s trust and create an experience as close as possible to an in-store experience.

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