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Your one-stop shop for 3D product visualization and personalization.

Ar-range takes furniture brands’ showroom-based shopping experience to the online world.

Using a variety of tools like 3D and modular configurators, web-AR, and rendering automation,  we allow your online customers to not only personalize the product they are buying but also experience it from the comfort of their homes.

Web-AR for Sketchfab configurators

Our configurators allow you to display each and every product variant in web-based augmented reality – without any external apps. Combining the power of Sketchfab and our state-of-the-art solution, we make the magic happen – the AR model of a customer’s desired product configuration displays within seconds.

Photorealistic 3D content creation

Some of our configurators include pre-rendered lightmaps – in short, this means that the product in your configurator will look incredibly realistic. This applies to AR content as well.  Try for yourself!

Product configuration, Augmented Reality, and 3D Visualization is complicated stuff. We make it easy.


  • 3D Content Creation: 3D scanning and 3D modeling
  • Development using Sketchfab APIs
  • Automated Augmented Reality for Sketchfab configurators
  • Augmented Reality integration for eCommerce websites


  • Home & Furniture


Web-AR for Sketchfab configurators

Paradise Grills, a Florida-based outdoor kitchen manufacturer, is already taking advantage of this solution. Thanks to our AR creation system, you can experience each and every one of over 10,000 combinations of their products in augmented reality. Try it for yourself.


How Paradise Grills Improved its Customers Experience with a 3D / AR Configurator

How Paradise Grills Improved its Customers Experience with a 3D / AR Configurator