3D Advertising

We have created a new form of display advertising powered by the Sketchfab viewer, allowing audiences to interact and engage with products or experiences displayed in rich 3D.

On Any Device

The Sketchfab player is compatible with all major devices.

On Any Browser

The Sketchfab player works on all browsers without any required plugins.

All Ad Management Tools

Sketchfab is compatible with all standard ad servers.

Peugeot's Configurable Programmatic Ad

The Sketchfab configurable 3D player is compatible with ad servers, and a configurable advertisement can have a dramatic impact on engagement. This 3D banner ad for Peugeot lets users explore stunning detail from all angles while toggling between different colors. The results?
Access the white paper

Experience the product

Our 3d ads allow user to truly experience products through touch points, view them from any angle or scale with rich rendering.

Real time configuration

Our configurator allows consumers to design products to their exact specifications in real-time.

Increase traffic & conversion to your e-commerce website

Ads can include a direct link to e-commerce websites.

Conversion rate
Product return
Return on Ad spend
Graph curve going up

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