We try to make the workflow to publish your models on Sketchfab as simple as possible. Using exporters is a great way to do that, as it enables you to upload your 3D models directly from within your 3D modeling software.
Here is how it usually works:

  1. Download an exporter from the list on the left,
  2. Install it on your 3D software,
  3. Enter your API token (provided in your Password settings),
  4. Export your model.

Want to contribute?

Our exporters are brought to you by the Sketchfab community. We hope we will soon have an exporter for every software, and we need your help to achieve this goal! So if you want to contribute, and make it easier for everyone else to upload from your favorite software to Sketchfab, drop us a line! We will provide all necessary support, and to thank you we offer a free pro version for a year.