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Our story

We started Sketchfab in Paris, France, in early 2012. We were frustrated to see so many 3D creators spending hours on making great 3D models, but ending up sharing boring screenshots as there was no better solution to showcase their work… Our community quickly grew to a fruitful mix of artists, designers, architects, hobbyists, engineers, brands, museums, game studios, schools and more. Today, with easier creation tools such as Minecraft or Tilt Brush, and 3D capture coming to our smartphones, everyone is becoming a 3D creator. Our goal is to turn 3D into a mainstream media format.

Sketchfab Founders, Alban Denoyel, Cédric Pinson and Pierre-Antoine Passet

Alban Denoyel

CO-Founder & CEO

Cédric Pinson

CO-Founder & CTO

Pierre-Antoine Passet

CO-Founder & CPO