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3D Products in E-commerce


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3D Products in E-commerce

Replace multiple images with a single, customizable asset that is viewable from infinite vantage points. E-commerce with 3D is the closest digital experience to being in a physical store.
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made furniture as a 3D product
Zodica configurator

3D Product Configurators

Real-time 3D product configurators are a way to dramatically improve engagement on an owned and operated website.
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3D Advertising

Compatible with all ad servers and demand-side platforms, Sketchfab’s proprietary 3D ad technology drives deep engagement and conversion better than traditional digital ads.
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The market-leading 3D viewer for the web.

Interactive and configurable, VR and AR ready.

Works with all operating systems, browsers and devices.

Embeddable everywhere, for e-commerce, advertising, and social media.

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Antoine Heber-Suffrin

Chief Digital Officer at Zodiac
We have around 10% conversion-rate of people asking for a call back, of which 30% actually buy the boat. The configurator has increased sales of that particular model by 50% in 2 years (and that's our most expensive boat). So yeah we're happy with it!
Verizon Media Group

Roy Rodenhauser

Innovation Lead at Verizon Media Group
With the largest 3D library on the planet, Sketchfab can hardly be ignored. The beautifully crafted 3D model viewer and the amazing community supporting it, makes Sketchfab a first choice.

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