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Nike Air Max 270 Configurator Demo

This demo configurator lets users adjust the colors for different components of the Air Max 270 and explore customized sneakers from all angles, from up close or far away, as if they were in a store. This web-based and entirely cross-platform configurator runs on any device, browser or operating system. It's a great showcase of what is possible to build with our API both in terms of rendering quality and custom interactions.

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Audi configurator

AUDI Q7 Configurator Demo

See the vehicle from every angle – inside and out. Open doors, change paint schemes, interior trim, and more. See updated pricing based on your options. A great example of what's possible with our API.

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Zodica configurator

Zodiac Nautic Configurator

Zodiac Nautic leveraged Sketchfab's API and their existing 3D production assets to build an interactive configurator that provides dynamic pricing for customizations including colors, equipment and engine.

22 Factor eCommerce 3D Configurator

Zoom in, zoom out, change colors, select different styles... eCommerce with a real-time 3D configurator is the closest digital buying experience to being in a physical store. This custom-built solution renders from the Sketchfab API.

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Peugeot's Configurable Programmatic Ad

The Sketchfab configurable 3D player is compatible with ad servers, and a configurable advertisement can have a dramatic impact on engagement. This 3D banner ad for Peugeot lets users explore stunning detail from all angles while toggling between different colors. The results?

What is Configurable?

Almost any element of a product can be customized.

You can configure the components in your model


You can configure the colors of your model


You can configure the textures of your model


You can add animations and make your model interactive

Interactions & Animations

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Antoine Heber-Suffrin

Chief Digital Officer at Zodiac
The configurator has increased sales of that particular model by 50% in 2 years (and that's our most expensive boat). So yeah we're happy with it!

Alex Hamilton

Senior Ecommerce Product Manager at MADE.COM
Customers who viewed a 3D model are 25% more likely to buy

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