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Undesignated Wreck Site - HMS Falmouth


HMS Falmouth was a Town Class light cruiser launched in 1910 and very active in the North Sea in WWI. At the Battle of Jutland, HMS Falmouth was the flagship of the 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron. In a fleet action on 19 August 1916, HMS Falmouth was torpedoed by a U-boat east of Scarborough. Hit again on 20 August, the ship sank south east of Bridlington. HMS Falmouth is the only known wreck of a Town Class light cruiser. Fjordr Ltd (fjordr.com) was commissioned by Historic England to research HMS Falmouth’s history (historicengland.org....). In collaboration with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, a new multibeam bathymetry survey was carried out by MMT. The survey shows that the lower part of the ship retains its original form and features. The 3D view shows a digital model made by the HE Geospatial Imaging team of the builder’s model, held by the IWM and restored by John Haynes, in conjunction with the bathymetric data.