Announcing Improved Support for Blender 2.90

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We’re glad to announce that we now fully support Blender 2.90+. While we had been closely following the 2.90 beta releases, the final release contained some small file format incompatibilities with 2.83 that caused processing errors on our end in some specific cases. This has now been resolved, and both 2.83 and 2.90+ files will now work as expected ?.

Discover our Blender add-on

Sketchfab supports direct .blend uploads via drag and drop on the website, but a far more convenient way to work is by installing our Blender add-on. The add-on makes uploading to Sketchfab quicker and easier by packing all required assets and setting all the model properties for you before uploading, directly from inside Blender. It will also let you search and import over 450,000 Creative Commons models from our community library:

You can download the free add-on from our GitHub page—it includes full installation and usage instructions.

We’re now working on supporting re-uploading with the add-on, as well as giving you download access to assets that you have purchased from the Sketchfab Store. We’ll let you know when we release a new version!

Tips for Blender users

To help you have the smoothest experience publishing your Blender creations on Sketchfab, we’ve put together this short list of tips:

  • Apply any modifiers before exporting.
  • Sketchfab does not support procedural textures or shader nodes beyond the Principled BSDF node, so be sure to bake your textures before uploading.
  • BlenderNation publishes a weekly overview of the best Blender art. Tag your models with #blender to be discovered!
  • Many community forums, like Blender Artists, support Sketchfab embeds. Just add the link to your model on its own line and it will automatically expand into our 3D viewer embed.
  • When sharing your work on social media, be sure to add the #b3d tag and ping us @sketchfab.

Find a more extensive list of tips in our Help Center. You can also meet other Blender users on our community Discord in the #general-3D channel.

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