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“Fritures” (some Franglais wordplay) are the Sketchfab team’s fun, Friday afternoon projects. There are experiments, API hacks, cool plugins, and more. A few are complete pieces of software, most are works in progress or proofs of concept.

A few weeks ago, we realized that we already had quite a number of such “Fritures” lying around and thought it would be good to share them with you. From now on you can find them on a dedicated page in our Help Center.

Some of the projects you’ll find there are:

  • A batch uploader script for Mac OSX (Windows coming soon!)
  • A configurator script that adds a user interface to change model options.
  • An ’Augmented Reality’ script that allows you to use the camera on your tabled or phone and place a Sketchfab model in your environment.
  • A script that lets you synchronise the viewer with content on your own webpage (see the image above).
  • And many more.

Go check them out on our Sketchfab Labs & “Fritures” page.

These “Fritures” allow us to explore new features for the website using only a small investment of time. Some of them may make it to the main website if we receive enough positive feedback. So you know what to do 🙂

Did you create a Sketchfab hack yourself? We’d love to see it and maybe even add it to the list! Just leave a comment below and we’ll check it out on the next Friday afternoon.


– Bart


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