Facebook now supports Sketchfab 3D embeds!

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We’re excited to announce that Facebook now supports Sketchfab 3D embeds! From now on, sharing 3D content on the largest social network is one click away.

Just include a Sketchfab link in a Facebook post and it will automagically turn it into our sketchfabulous real-time 3D player. Everyone can browse the content in 3D without leaving their feed.

This brings us one step closer to covering the entire 3D publishing workflow. We support everything from the tools you use to the networks were your audience is.This is a big milestone for us, confirming our position as the hub for 3D content.

With a small team, we’ve built something that is so good that Facebook wants to bring it to their 2bn users. We are proud to be one of the very few partners to provide rich HTML5 content on Facebook, and the first interactive format to be supported in the newsfeed.

We’d like to thank them for making this happen, we’re impressed by the speedy implementation! We’ve just seen what their “move fast” motto is all about 🙂

Go ahead and try it now!

Here are some of our favorite embeds so far:




About the author

Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.


  • Cristian says:

    Hey Alban, I noted that in the Facebook mobile App it still makes the user leave their feed (actually opens the browser), will it work inside Facebook app someday?

  • Alban says:

    Hi Cristian,

    Yes unfortunately today facebook doesn’t support any html5 player on their mobile app, but yes it should hopefully work someday, stay tuned.

  • Roman says:

    Hello, Alban. How you include iframe to facebook? What requirements of site is? Is it plugin of facebook or something else?

  • RAY CHEUNG says:

    The VR object I made could be shown in Facebook via desktop computer with the same result as yours, however, when I open Facebook via my phone, the VR object couldn’t be shown directly in Facebook, I have to open a link Facebook provided for watching the VR. May I know how could I solve the problem and why does it happen?

  • Hi
    It doesn’t work, what is the exact procedure to see the model directly on Facebook page?
    The link always returns to the page of the model but on the skecthfab website…

    Does that also depend on Web browser?
    I’ve only tried with Opera on Mac os X

    Thank you

  • jimmy says:

    hi, i love this feature, one question, is possible to start with the sketchfab file open, without the play button

  • Tino says:

    Any reply?

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Yes, you can use autostart for embeds. See here:


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