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According to some solid wisdom from an industry veteran in the CG art world: if you want to get known, you need to show your work, a lot! One great way is to post your art on CG sites and forums. Most of them support Sketchfab, and adding a Sketchfab embed will definitely help attract attention to your work.

As a quick reminder, here are just some of the most popular sites where you can post Sketchfab models:

And of course, don’t forget it’s also easy to embed your work on Facebook! Just paste a model’s URL in your message and it will expand into our viewer, and people can interact with it right in their news feed.

Looking for more forums? You’ll find a full list on our Help Center. And if your favorite forum doesn’t support Sketchfab yet, strike up a conversation with the admins – we have plugins for most forum software and we’re happy to help them set it up!

You can find more tips on growing your audience in the ‘Rockstar’ articles on our blog.


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