How to become a Sketchfab Rockstar: Audience Hacking

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This is our final post in the Sketchfab Rockstar series which focuses on how to reach a larger audience for your work on Sketchfab.

In this post, we’re talking about some ‘growth hacking’ techniques to help you increase your audience.

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A simple strategy can help you build an audience on Sketchfab and increase your number of followers, views, and likes. Improve your “street cred” with other artists and potential recruiters.  It’s all about optimization and marketing. Get ready to hack your audience and become a 3D Rockstar!

Part 1: Optimize your model for discovery

Make sure your models are searchable

Visitors use keywords, tags, and categories to find content on Sketchfab. You want to make sure that each of those three features let as many users as possible find your content.

Separate yourself from the crowd

Your models have to catch the eye. You can play with materials and our “Instagram-like” filters to make them look beautiful. The “Take Screenshot” button in 3D settings allows you to edit the thumbnail of your models that will appear in search results. An image is worth a thousand words, so make sure they look perfect. Here is a good example:

Increase engagement

You can use annotations to increase engagement and the time visitors spend on your model.  It’s a perfect way to give a “tour” to your audience! Here is the perfect example:

Part 2: Share your creations everywhere


We have an extensive list of platforms where you can embed your interactive 3D models. By sharing your models on those platforms you will find new fans and multiply your views. In addition, artists who like your work will be encouraged to join Sketchfab and follow you. They want to be inspired by your next creations and won’t miss this opportunity.

Social networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms to increase your audience.

Facebook and LinkedIn: You can post your creations on related groups:


      • Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle in your Sketchfab profile settings. An @ mention will be automatically added to anyone sharing your work on Twitter.
      • Simply share your work on Twitter, we’ll retweet the best
      • An easy way to get attention is to add mentions and hashtags. For example: mentioning a tool you have used. People will be able to find your content by searching for hashtags, and you may have the chance to be retweeted by a big brand you mention. Here is a good example:

      • If you share on Sketchfab a concept inspired by an existing game, or a scan of something or someone famous, check if they are on Twitter and share it with them: This is how Konami spotted the Chibi Gear solid diorama and shared it to their audience. It resulted in more than 70,000 views for the artist. Here is the Tweet:

Collaboration and cross-promotion

Exactly as YouTube artists do, you can develop cross-promotion partnerships with other artists. If you both have a similar audience, why not combine your efforts? You can promote each other’s work and grow your mutual fan base. It’s a win-win situation, as you will both increase your visibility. Why not start today? You can find artists on Sketchfab, 3D art forums, and in the social network groups above.

Pro tip: Add a custom background to make your models even more catchy.

Good luck!
– Corentin

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