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Sketchfab API

This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated. You can find up-to-date information about the API on our developer pages:

We built an API to ease the process of uploading a 3D model from a third party website. Sketchfab uses a REST API accessible through https with a private api-key.

To upload a new model

  • you must POST to
  • your file contents must be compatible with Sketchfab (see
  • send JSON in your requestbody:
    • title : model title
    • description (optional) : model description
    • contents : base64 encoded model data
    • filename : name of your model file, this must be given with the extension related to content
    • tags (optional) : list of space separated tags
    • token : your sketchfab API token
    • thumbnail (optional) : base64 encoded png thumbnail
  • returns :
    • {success: true, id: ‘xxxxxx’} when upload OK
    • {success: false, error: ‘error message’} when upload error

Check out more details on

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