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With over 500,000 members and close to 1 million experiences instantly viewable in VR, at Sketchfab we’re proud to be the largest online destination for VR content in the world.

To celebrate the incredible contributions from our members and your demand for more VR features, we’ve doubled-down on our feature set to make viewing your work and the work of creators from around the world easier, and more-pleasurable than ever before.

Today, we’re proud to introduce three new features taking Sketchfab VR to the next level:

VR Browsing
Now, it’s no longer necessary to leave your VR experience to see more great work on Sketchfab. Use the new “View in VR” button to launch a VR interface for Sketchfab on any browsing section of the site: staff picks, popular, a given collection, a tag, a user gallery… Here are 2 collections we prepared, that you can dive in right now: one optimized for mobile, and one better for desktop.


VR Teleportation
Whether you’re using a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR on your mobile device, or the HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift with a WebVR compatible browser, you can now move around any Sketchfab scene or model using our new teleportation feature. Just look in the direction you wish to move to, anywhere on a flat surface, and then tap your Cardboard or GearVR button, or use your VR controller trigger to instantly jump to that location for a whole new perspective.


Intuitive Tools for Artists
Every model uploaded to Sketchfab is already instantly viewable in VR, but if you’re looking for additional control, we’ve also added a new VR scene editor to our 3D settings that allow you to place the initial viewer location and viewing direction, and quickly set the human scale and floor level of your scene or model.

For an overview of our VR features visit our Virtual Reality page or learn more about instantly viewing any model in VR from your browser.

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