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Some very cool news today. Innovative new holographic 3D model viewer, Looking Glass, now supports direct import of Sketchfab models into the display.

Using our Download API, the Looking Glass Factory team have revealed a new Sketchfab importer app that lets you search, browse, and import Sketchfab models in just a few clicks.

The update immediately gives users access to hundreds of thousands of Creative Commons models directly in the Looking Glass display.

The Looking Glass is in the closing stages of its enormously successful Kickstarter campaign with the first batch of systems expecting to ship to backers as early as late September of this year.

Some lucky beta users have already had a chance to try out the device and we had a very cool opportunity to get a “hands on” at SIGGRAPH 2018 earlier this month.

To stay up to date with the release of both the viewer and Sketchfab integration, follow along at the Looking Glass website.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities made possible by our Download API, be sure to check out our documentation, and check out other examples of Sketchfab integration.

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