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Here are a few tips to make the most of our service. They are also listed on our FAQ page.


We support transparency but in order to have a good rendering you should separate your model with transparency material and non transparency. For example imagine you have a character with hair transparency. The hair geometry should be separated from the body that is not transparency. Why ? Because the engine will sort all transparency geometry and will draw them after solid geometry. It’s the way to display transparency correctly.

I can’t see vertex color on my .obj file

The specification of the .obj file format does not support vertex color, meaning you soft can’t export with vertex color or if it does it’s a hack.

Blender support

we support most of the glsl blender rendering.

Material shader support diffuse (toon, lambert, fresnel,Oren Nayar, mineart) and specular (cooktorrence, phong, blinn toon, wardiso)

Texture material support image and need uv channels. Operation between texture chanel are handled with Mix and Multiply operator (more later). Channel diffuse support (color, intensity, alpha), specular channel (color, intensity, hardness), geometry normal map (in tangent space).

Light Lamp, Sun, Spot, Hemi are suported but not Area. if you find area light in your scene they will be converted to Hemi light.

How lights work ?

If your scene contains lights we will use it to light your models, but if not we provide two default directionnal lights on the camera.

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