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We are pleased to announce that Wanderland, an app for sharing spatially anchored augmented reality (AR) experiences, now supports the direct search and import of free Sketchfab models.

Wanderland allows users to pin content—images, GIFs, and now 3D models—to a specific location to be viewed in AR. The resulting Wander can then be shared as a Story on social media, or can be pinned in the Wanderland, enabling other users to enjoy content at this location.

Users can search and select from Sketchfab’s vast library of free Creative Commons licensed models. The app is available for iOS devices.

How to import models into Wanderland

  1. Press the ‘+’ button to add content.
  2. Select Sketchfab 3D from the ‘Add content’ popup.
  3. Enter text to search for a model or browse the category galleries.
  4. Select your favorite model to view in AR.

This integration is made possible by Sketchfab’s API and our new GLB + 1K textures export functionality.


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