New Optimized Export Format: GLB + 1K Textures

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We are happy to announce the release of a new optimized export format: GLB with 1K resolution textures.

The GLB file format is a packed binary version of glTF; it is typically smaller and loads more quickly than traditional glTF, making it ideal for real-time applications on the web and mobile devices. Files in this format can be downloaded from Sketchfab as-is, without being compressed as a ZIP file. As soon as it’s downloaded, it’s ready to go—no unpacking necessary.

In addition to this new format, we also introduced support for multiple texture resolutions so that assets downloaded from Sketchfab can be used in more places. Creators in the metaverse, AR, and VR spaces are currently limited by caps on the resolution of assets that they can use in tools like SparkAR by Facebook or Lens studio by Snap. By offering easy access to optimized textures, we are streamlining creators’ workflows and making it simpler than ever to get models out of Sketchfab and into VR, AR, and games projects. With this new feature, even if the asset was uploaded to Sketchfab at 8K resolution, the GLB download will be available at several resolutions—original 8K, 4K, and now 1K. These new auto-generated optimized texture sizes mean that a larger portion of the Sketchfab library—almost 1M assets between our Creative Commons and Store libraries—is now usable in a wider variety of projects.

Finally, the arrival of GLB and 1K textures to Sketchfab means that anyone who uploads to Sketchfab can convert and download their own assets in an optimized resolution. The uploaded full-resolution file, as well as the auto-converted glTF and USDZ formats, will remain available for download, too.

This release is an important step towards cross-compatibility and making 3D content accessible everywhere. Our goal is to accept many different formats and content types, and make them available anywhere they need to be used, in the right format and size, without our community members having to manually convert or optimize their files.

Import of GLB files and 1K textures is currently available via Sketchfab’s Data API and will be added as a download option on Sketchfab in a future update. We are working with our numerous import partners to update existing integrations with this new format option. To see an example of it in action, check out the recently released Wanderland import integration.

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Alban Denoyel

Co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab.

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  • Farid Mohd Ismail says:

    this is great, assets are now optimized in GLB, awesome, however i noticed via API, for GB download, it defaults to 1k and there is no choice to select (4K or 8k) if such is available. via the web site i can see it has (4k and 8k) but via API it only returns 1k glb, can the API return multiple stream of GLB (1k, 4k (if available) 8k (if available)?
    that would be awesome, thanks you

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