From 2D to 3D: A Unique Vehicle Configurator Tool for Nautique’s Consumers and Dealers

The Nautique Boat Company has manufactured world-class boats for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and water skiing since 1925.

Over the past 10 years, Nautique has worked with Red Rocket Studios, an Orlando-based agency specializing in advertising, design, and interactive development, to re-design its website and build multiple iterations of its boat configurator.

The challenge

Previous versions of Nautique’s configurator used stacked 2D images to create the model and allowed consumers to customize individual parts. This became tedious to maintain, as each model required hundreds of images to allow for every possible product configuration.

Nautique's needs

  • Develop an agile configurator, easier to update and maintain.
  • Deliver a consumer-first experience that would allow users to easily configure, save, and request pricing from a local dealer for their dreamboat.
  • Provide a more robust product configurator that could increase lead generation and integrate with Nautique’s network of dealers. 

The solution, an online 3D product configurator

Red Rocket Studios developed Design your Nautique, a 3D web-based configurator system from the ground up, using Sketchfab’s Viewer API.

“Robust API documentation, VR/AR capability, and the proven experiences of leading brands led us to choose Sketchfab. From the moment we first reached out to their business development team to every interaction we’ve had with them since, Sketchfab has supported us every step of the way and helped us out whenever called upon.

—Nick Perez, Digital Strategist at Red Rocket Studios

The 3D configurator allows consumers to choose from 12 different models and personalize almost every element to create a unique boat: exterior and interior colors, accessories, and options such as audio systems and engines. 

Users can interact with their dream boat, explore every angle, and zoom to details. Moreover, it works on any device and browser.


Results — A powerful lead generation tool

Using 3D models has made Nautique more agile in developing and updating its vehicle configurator:

  • They no longer need to update several hundred images per model.
  • Now they create, update, and optimize just one 3D asset per model. If a new color or option needs to be added, it’s easy to add a few new parameters or lines of code in the existing configurator framework.

“The new real-time 3D Configurator has exceeded our expectations with its level of interaction and ability to completely customize every aspect of our boats. We look forward to expanding on this technology.

—Brian Sullivan Vice President of Marketing, Nautique Boat Company

For consumers, the configurator has dramatically improved the purchasing process:

  • They are now able to better visualize, interact with, and design a boat before they even see one in person. 
  • They can save each boat configuration, edit previously saved configurations, and share their boat designs with others.
  • They can directly contact a salesperson from Nautique’s website to receive a quote for the boat they have configured.

We’re very excited to be on the cutting-edge of consumer product visualization and configuration software. Having the opportunity to help brands interact with their consumers in a new and engaging way is something we are proud of and look forward to exploring with other clients.”

—David Reagan, Founding Partner at Red Rocket Studios

The 3D configurator is a valuable tool for the network of Nautique's dealerships:

  • The 3D configurator allows dealers to showcase a high-fidelity product representation to prospective purchasers. 
  • Integrating Nautique’s dealer network and the custom boat ordering process with the configurator tool allows a potential buyer (and their desired boat) to connect directly with one of Nautique’s salespeople, creating a powerful lead generation funnel.
  • Sharing the 3D configurator at trade shows on tablets and touch screens allows attendees to customize their dream boat in 3D and familiarize themselves with the product at their booth.

“The overall feedback has been tremendous from both consumers and Nautique dealerships. Dealers have been especially vocal about how the new 3D configurator allows them to explore models in greater detail with potential buyers.

—Nick Perez, Digital Strategist at Red Rocket Studios

This case study was produced from an interview with: Nick Perez, Digital Strategist at Red Rocket Studios, David Humphrey, Lead Developer at Red Rocket Studios, David Reagan, founding partner at Red Rocket Studios.