Formaspace Increased the Number of Web Leads by 30% with a 3D Configurator

Leading US manufacturer of custom furniture, Formaspace, generates more than 30% of its leads from its 3D configurator powered by Sketchfab technology

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Founded in 1981, Formaspace is a custom business furniture manufacturer for clients in laboratory, chemistry, and industrial environments. Their annual revenue growth is around 30%. From ideation to installation, Formaspace takes care of building the unique, made-in-America furniture imagined by their clients.

Challenge: adapt to consumer behaviors in the digital age

Formaspace sought to:

  • Develop an online presence in an era when consumers shop for everything online.
  • Differentiate from competitors by providing a better product and quality of service online.
  • Reduce the length of the sales cycle that can take up to 12 weeks from design to production. Nearly 3–4 weeks of that time is spent on the design stage, during which the drawings bounce back and forth between the design team and the client until the final design is approved. The goal is to bring the total process time to 3–4 weeks.
  • Increase the number of leads by 30%.


  • Using Sketchfab’s API, Formaspace developed and implemented a 3D configurator on three websites:
    • On, to build lab and industrial workbenches.
    • On, to configure chemical resistant workbenches.
    • On, to customize 20 different pieces of office furniture, the Weldmarx® product line with 28 different 3D configurators.

“You are not only creating maximum transparency in the eyes of consumers but also giving all the details potential customers would need without having them experience it at a brick & mortar store.”

Mehmet Atesoglu, Digital Marketing Manager

  • Visitors can design their very own furniture in real-time and customize everything: materials, frame colors, furniture sizes, add upper and lower storage, add height adjustability, add accessories such as lights, cable management systems, and more. 
  • The 3D configurator is very responsive, works on any device, any modern browser and is extremely user-friendly.


Formaspace configurator
With the 3D configurator, visitors can design their very own furniture in real-time


  • Differentiated themselves from their competitors by making their client’s life easier: no other manufacturer of their size has a comparable tool in their market.
  • Reduced the length of the design process significantly—from 4 weeks to 10 minutes.

“The average time on the website for a 3D Configure user is around 10 minutes, (…) Comparing that 10 minutes spent on our website vs. spending days or weeks on design conversations is like day and night. It is a win-win for everybody”

Mehmet Atesoglu, Digital Marketing Manager

  • Increased the number of web leads by 30% and exceeded 20K unique 3D Configurator users per month earlier in 2019.

“We started this project hoping that it would increase the number of leads by 30%. Well, it exceeded our expectations. Currently 3D Configure at is responsible for one-third of all our web leads. (…) This is a clear manifestation of how our clients enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of 3D Virtual Workbench Builder.”

Mehmet Atesoglu, Digital Marketing Manager

  • Generate one-third of all their web leads from the configurator.
  • Showcased their products with the 3D configurator at tradeshows (Pittcon and Neocon) and received great feedback from their clients.
Formaspace showcased its 3D configurator at Pittcon 2019