F.Domes Increased Qualified Leads by 30% with a 3D Configurator

About F.Domes, a Polish manufacturer of geodesic domes

F.Domes from Poland is manufacturing geodesic domes for all sorts of purposes and activities: showrooms, pop up stores, personal usage, glamping, outdoor hotel rooms, backyard greenhouses, winter gardens, outdoor classrooms, cafeterias…


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The challenges

Improve the quality of leads

F.Domes’ tents are complex products with multiple configurable features. Potential customers have difficulties understanding the different accessories and characteristics simply by scrolling through different images on F.Domes website. They wanted to find a way to educate their potential customers on how the product works and on its specific characteristics to improve the quality of leads.

Improve the number of leads

F.Domes wanted to increase the number of monthly leads.

Reduce the time spent on inquiries and shorten the sales cycle

The Sales team had to answer potential leads’ numerous basic questions about the product. They also had to quote each lead separately. F.Domes wanted to reduce the time spent on answering basic questions, explaining the different possible combinations and quoting each lead separately.

The solution: a 3D configurator

The development team

Klaas Nienhuis together with Frodo Schering (design and main contractor) and Innouveau (web development) built a 3D configurator for F.Domes using Sketchfab API.

An immersive and interactive online adventure

This 3D configurator allows customers to customize and personalize in real-time their dream domes directly from F. Domes’s website. Customers can virtually visit their configured domes, explore them from every angle, zoom in and zoom out to specific details.

They can also download a PDF of their configured tent and leave their contact info to be directly contacted by a salesperson.

The results: a significant increase in lead conversion

You can personalize your tent in real time directly from F.Domes’ website

The configurator gives shoppers the unique ability to customize a geodesic tent in real time directly from F.Domes’ website. Customers can choose from seemingly infinite options to create a truly unique product: equipment, accessories, size, color, doors, windows, curtains…

They can explore the customized domes from all angles, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and see the price of the dome as they configure it.

3D configurators manufacturing

The quality of inquiries improved, prospects are now product-educated

Some customers play for 30-40 minutes with the configurator and prepare multiple versions of geodesic domes. Other customers come back to the configurator multiple times in the span of a few weeks. They learn a lot about the product and its specific characteristics during the configuration process.

The configurator is a self-service approach that has definitely improved the quality of inquiries: prospects are now product-educated and know the ins and outs of the product, and the sales team does not have to answer basic questions about products anymore.

The lead conversion has significantly increased

Since launching the configurator, F.Domes has experienced an increase in visitors, resulting in even more inquiries, despite minimal promotion of the tool so far. The number of monthly leads has increased by 30% to 40%.

“We managed to improved our Visitor to Lead conversation rates by 30 – 40 % on average”

—Adam Lyczakowski, FreeDomes Co Founder

The sales cycle is shorter

The configurator has redefined F.Domes’ sales process. The sales team communicates with educated prospects, who know how the products work. They receive a PDF copy of the configuration and just need to finalize the order coming out of the 3D configurator.

They know exactly what the customer is after, thereby facilitating the sales process. It has reduced the strain on their sales team and is a huge timesaver overall. They can now sell globally, despite a limited dealership network.

“It’s a completely different world, a huge time saver. We just need to finalize the order coming out of the 3D Configurator”

—Adam Lyczakowski, FreeDomes Co Founder

Characteristics of the 3D configurator

Customize every element in real time

The configurator enables consumers to build their own geodesic tent: pick a size, choose a color, move the entrance, add a stove… Clients can explore a customized tent from all angles, zoom in and zoom out.

3d configurator list of options
List of all the options

What would have been a massive and ambitious task of showcasing 100,000+ photos of every possible combination is now achievable in real-time with the configurator.


The 3D configurator works on any device

F. Domes website works great on any device: desktop, tablet, mobile… It is also available in 3 languages and 4 currencies!

A direct contact with a salesperson

Once they’re happy with a model, customers can request a quote directly from the website, containing a screenshot of the configured model and a list of all the options they’ve chosen.

3d configurator direct contact with salesperson
Contact with a dealer directly from the website

If they leave their contact info, an expert from F.Domes will get in touch. Since the dealer also receives a copy of this PDF configuration, they know exactly what the customer is after.

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